What is the Truth-Testing Method?

Truth-Testing is a scientific technology that enables you to locate and overcome unconscious programming (limiting beliefs, etc.) that keep you from moving forward in life. It combines elements of energy psychology, alternative healing, body polarity work, neuroscience, and years of original research and hands on experience. Once unconscious limitations have been located and transformed on any given issue, you are left with the potent power you were born with to make deliberate and conscious choices. You may find yourself no longer living the life you were handed, but choosing to create a life of your own design.

It is a most advanced method for making the unknown known and revealing your innate wisdom to realize your highest goals, dreams, and ambitions.

What is the bigger purpose for the Truth-Testing Method?

The mission of the Truth-Testing Method is to aid individuals to become self-referred, living from their own innate, inner authority verses outer authority (which is how most of us were conditioned from childhood onward). Once emotional and mental clutter is cleared you are then able to clearly perceive the messages coming from your ‘inner knowing’ (or, your soul).

How does Truth-Testing work?

It is a unique method of obtaining biofeedback, without instruments, from your subconscious. It is also known as Applied Kinesiology, or Muscle Testing. Truth-Testing is a slightly different method from the common types of muscle testing which causes the a client’s body to tire from the resistance. We have found that the lighter the Facilitator’s touch the more accurate the information is when received from your body. Strong resistance causes the body to go into fight or flight mode and can create inaccuracy in the test.

For phone sessions, LaRue Eppler (as the Truth-Testing Facilitator) will obtain information from your Intuitive Wisdom by proxy through intention and permission. The work is always done between the Intuitive Wisdom of the client and the Intuitive Wisdom of the Facilitator.

Why use Truth-Testing?

Stored within our body at the subconscious level, is every thought, feeling and memory we’ve ever had. All of this information is layered into the cells of our body. Our beliefs, memories, and experiences make up the neurology we call upon to act and react in our daily lives. This is called cellular memory. This information is not readily accessible on a conscious level. We may find ourselves repeating behaviors and not understanding why our lives don’t seem to change or progress.

Truth-Testing allows us to tap directly into this subconscious gold mine of information. Modern psychology uses a variety of methods to determine what is happening beneath a person’s conscious level of awareness. These methods include dream analysis, Gestalt, hypnosis, word associations, written tests, etc. Truth-Testing is quick and a highly reliable means of getting information, which provides clear-cut answers that are not prone to guesswork or interpretation. Many times, in modern clinical psychology, the practitioner, clinician or doctor will use their conscious mind to discern the “facts” of the matter and decide what theory and methodology to use to treat you. With Truth-Testing, your innate truth determines what’s so.

How can Truth-Testing possibly work?

We don’t yet know all the mechanisms involved. But, we do know our clients never cease to be amazed at their results and the accuracy of this process. What it comes down to is this: you just have to experience it in action for yourself.

How does Truth-Testing work by phone?

Quantum Physics has proven that we are connected at the quantum level. Through intention, LaRue Eppler accesses the database of the client’s Soul. Once accessed, then she uses her own body to elicit information through Truth-Testing. Long distance sessions have been performed regularly with amazing accuracy and success since 1997. Again, you just have to experience it.

What kind of person does the Truth-Testing Method sessions?

The Truth-Testing Method is for anyone who is ready for change and ready for truth. Whether it’s in your personal life, professional life, at the physical or spiritual level, Truth-Testing is an approach to issue resolution that allows movement in your life to create a sense of over all well-being. Once you remove blocks in your life that have kept you from actualizing the full realization of your potential, you will be more comfortable with who you are and create direction and purpose in your life, while feeling greater aliveness and balance in all areas of life

When is the best time to start my sessions?

When are you ready for your situation to change? If you are ready now, now is the time.