How LaRue Got Started

I’ve been active in the Human Potential Field since 1989. Prior to that, my professional experience included a nine-year career as a sales director for Mary Kay Cosmetics. During that time with Mary Kay, I noticed how some people seemed to succeed effortlessly and zoom to the top while others barely survived. I began my search to understand how some could create dramatic success while others struggled just to pay their bills, myself being in the latter category (off and on again).

Near the end of my sales career, in the late 80’s, I had a dream that rattled me to my very core. For about a week, I thought about that dream several times daily because I knew it had a message for me and I had to know what it was, even though I literally quivered inside thinking about it. About a week after the dream, I finally understood the dream’s message. I had been sacrificing my life for my others approval. I was never going to get it. I saw so clearly how that was true and once I did, I made a decision that changed my life forever. Getting my life together (i.e. finding my purpose) was the only option! Once I made that resounding decision, Infinite Power went to work behind the scenes to put the people, events and circumstances in place to make my declaration a reality. In what seemed like no time, I had found my purpose, gotten trained, opened an office with zero money up-front and then started seeing clients. In a matter of just a few, short months I went from lost, depressed and confused to clear, resolute and on-fire!

Within a few, short months my clients’ lives were changing too, just as profoundly and rapidly as mine had. And their friends, family and colleagues noticed they were different and so the referrals starting flowing in. That was over 27 years ago. I love what I do and I can’t imagine doing anything other than serving people to live the life that they came to this earth to live.

Just How Did THAT Happen?

One day a woman named Lila walked into my life, for whom I will be forever grateful. Lila was a healer and she had a methodology that could precisely pinpoint and eradicate the real (unconscious) reasons one’s life wasn’t working. What I discovered and transformed with Lila was so profound that somehow I knew all the way down in my heart and soul that what she was doing with others was MY calling. I convinced her to train me with no money upfront- promising to pay her when I started making money. So she trained me and I kept my promise. Upon completion of my training, I opened an office three days later with no money and no credit.

Just two months after that I was turning a profit and I had done no marketing at all because I had zero money, bad credit and no marketing experience. All I had was pure passion- passion for helping people change their life as dramatically as mine had changed. I had been was so confused and dis-empowered before my transformation that I knew that if this could work for wounded me as it had, that it could work for anybody!