LaRue’s Story

LaRue Eppler is a Sought-After
Speaker, Coach & Teacher Whose Clientele Spans the Globe.

What’s LaRue About?

MISSION. . . Create an intuitively literate world.

PURPOSE. . . Help women find their purpose to live, love & cherish life!

PASSION. . . Empowering women to live their highest truth.


Who Is LaRue?

LaRue Eppler is the creator of the Luminous Life Online Course, the Test & Tap Method, Evolutionary Kinesiology (aka: Evo-K Method) and the co-author of Your Essential Whisper. A highly engaging and thought-provoking presenter, LaRue delights her audiences with unique life perspectives warms their hearts with her radiant spirit and lights their souls with her wit and wisdom.

With a deep passion for learning & transformation, she has traveled far and wide to learn a large number of disciplines (and often from the masters themselves). Some of her favorites she has studied and/or been certified in are:

  • Byron Katie’s The Work
  • Avatar- Masters Course, Pro Course, & Wizards
  • Tony Robbins- Unleash the Power Within & The Financial Course
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Landmark Education-  Forum and The Advanced Course
  • Tad James- Huna and Time Line Therapy
  • One Brain
  • Holodynamics
  • Dr. Joe Dispenza- Advance Course
  • Breakthrough To Higher Power
  • John Dimartini- Breakthrough and Prophesy
  • Transcendental Meditation

Who Are Her Clients?

LaRue works with people from various backgrounds- Fortune 500 Execs, Grammy & Emmy winners, runway models, television personalities, music moguls & outrageously successful entrepreneurs.

Mostly she works with ordinary people like herself – people who are committed to living deeply meaningful and rewarding lives while making a difference in the lives of others.

The majority of her clients are professional women, but she also has male clients, all of whom come from many different professions.

She is currently creating the Luminous Life Course which is designed to provide professional women with the tools and clarity they need to invent their purpose and love their life. Her approach is innovative and fresh. It often wows and amazes. She hopes you’ll join her soon when it’s released.

The Back Story

The year was 1988 when twenty-nine year old LaRue Eppler, a single mother, arrived in Texas with a two and a half year old son named Ben. She had no car, $3 to her name (literally) and only a high school degree. Even though she didn’t have much in material terms, the one thing that she did have was an unstoppable resolve.

For once in her life… NO ONE on earth could stop her from becoming who she knew she was meant to become!

Despite her shyness, and almost paralyzing fear, LaRue was committed to getting her life together, finding her life purpose and giving her precious little Ben a beautiful life. Nine short months after stepping foot on Texas soil she opened an office, set up shop and clients began streaming in.

Within a few months a doctor began to refer his chronically ill patients to her because he had done all he could do for them. Some had been seeing him for 10-15 years. After seeing LaRue for 10-12 visits, all of them got significantly better and most of them got completely well even though some had been ill for well over a decade.

The doctor, impressed by the results, started telling his colleagues about LaRue and her extraordinary results with his patients. Soon other doctors started sending patients to LaRue, too. People flew all the way from Denmark, Canada, Mexico and the United Kingdom to work with her in Dallas, TX (U.S.A.). That shy, uneducated little country girl from Oklahoma was making an impact on the world, something she’d known she was destined to do for from a very early age.

Ben, her only child, grew into a handsome, kind man. He is now in his early thirties and has entrepreneur stamped into his DNA. The principles she raised Ben by was for him to trust his intuition, speak his truth, and walk to the beat of his own drum – true to his own soul’s path, regardless of what the world might think.

It was LaRue’s intention, from the time that he was a little boy, that their relationship be mutually loving and respectful. Mission accomplished!

What Sparks Joy for LaRue?

Beauty & Creativity!

Don’t be surprised to run into LaRue touring beautiful show homes for a hit of creative inspiration. She adores bright colors, wonderful textures, fabrics of all kinds and aromas that make her come alive! She is soothed by simplicity and order.

Beauty touches her soul- be it a gorgeous flower, a cashmere throw elegantly draped across a chair, or a unique art piece that captures her imagination. And those who have visited her home, know that she loves to throw in a bit of whimsy into her décor for unexpected delight.

Sewing was one of her first loves. From an early age LaRue designed and made her own clothes. At age four she was designing no-sew garments for her dolls out of her mother’s fabric scrapes and making fabric-covered purses out of saltine cracker boxes, complete with handles and buttoned clasps.

Only in the past few years has she started to learn and love the art of cooking. But growing up she couldn’t be bothered. Her mother would do the cooking and LaRue would decorate the food to make it beautiful to eat.

A little entrepreneur from the start, she wove potholders on a loom and sold them 4 for a $1. Both of her grandmothers hired her to sew for them. She even taught piano lessons at age 13. With a love for stationary, one day in high school she discovered volume discounts, which prompted an inspired idea: “I can sell stationary to my friends at the retail price, while paying wholesale, and then I’ll be able to have all the cool stationary I want and turn a profit too!” So that’s what she did and everybody was happy!

How did LaRue start a successful coaching practice with
No Money, No College Education & No Credit?