Truth Testing

Did you know?


  • 4,000 times per hour
  • 97,000 times in one day
  • 35,000,000 times every, single year?

Yes, you read that correctly!>


That’s right. Not once!

What is this unfathomable intelligence that can jump-start your heartbeat inside your mother’s womb and keep it ticking, without any effort on your part, until the day you pass on?

This intelligence (called different names by different people such as: God, Higher Self, the Universe, Divine Light, Universal Intelligence, the Quantum Field and many more) is so powerful that it makes your heart beat 35 MILLION TIMES every single year. And not only yours, but over 7 Billion other’s at the very same time.


What If. . .

You have direct access to infnite intelligence?

What If. . .

Infnite intelligence is always attempting to communicate with you directly?

And, What If. . .

In receiving that communication you can make important,Regret-Free Decisions?


There is a way and I’ve been doing it for myself and my clients for nearly 30 years. I consider it a privilege to be able to communicate with Infinite Intelligence and for it to communicate directly back to me. I’ve had surprising successes and have avoided some serious catastrophes in my life because of it. It has resolved problems that my unconscious mind was creating that I had no conscious awareness of, and would not have had conscious awareness of, until after it had already manifested.

Imagine knowing which airline flight to purchase, which seat to choose and what dates to fly for the best price, safety and ease of travel. This is how I always fly. Also imagine knowing what fruits or vegetables to purchase at the grocery store for optimal health, or how to get to the root cause of an issue or problem in a matter of minutes and then knowing how to resolve it.

You Too Have The Ability To Access Infinite Intelligence.
You Only Need to Learn HOW, if you Don’t Already Know!

The ability to access Infinite Intelligence is a technology that I call Truth-Testing. Truth-Testing can be learned by almost anyone as long as it is used with integrity.

Integrity, in this context, means someone who would use this information for the betterment of his or her own life and humankind.

You may have heard of or experienced this technology before. It’s mostly commonly known as Muscle-Testing, or Applied Kinesiology, but I call it Truth-Testing.

How does Truth-Testing work?

Truth-Testing works on the fact that, as you’ll discover if you do the exercise, truth makes the body (muscles) strong. And un-truth or a false statement makes the body weak.

The following truth-test example requires two people. One is the testor and the other is the testee. The testee holds their dominate arm straight out from the body parallel with the floor and resists as the testor applies a light downward pressure to the arm.

The testee will hold out his/her arm and resist the testor’s pressure while they state their own name. “My name is ____.” Because the statement is true, the arm being tested will hold strong. It’s not necessary to put undue pressure on the arm, or hang on it. Just apply light and increasing pressure to see that their arm is indeed resisting the pressure being applied.

Now they will be tested with a false statement. The testee will hold out their arm and say earnestly, “My name is Peter Rabbit” while resisting the testor’s pressure. The testor should apply the pressure immediately after the statement has been made. Unless the testee’s name really is Peter Rabbit, his/her arm will sink like a rock and will not be able to hold strong because the statement is false. It’s really quite disconcerting how no amount of resistance can keep the arm up while testing against a false statement.

When your conscious mind has a belief (such as, I am loveable) that is in conflict with a formerly learned “truth” (I’m unlovable) stored in the subconscious mind, the conflict expresses itself as a weakening of the arm muscle.

You may be amazed to discover that there is an unseen, inexplicable force co-piloting your life, as did Bruce Lipton.

I just described how two people can do Truth-Testing but in my free audio training “Get Answers to Almost Anything”, you can learn to truth-test yourself by yourself.

Why call it Truth-Testing?

Long ago, when I first learned this mind-boggling technology (literally, the conscious mind cannot comprehend this), it occurred to me that calling it Muscle-Testing gives a false impression for my purposes and my uses. It can cause people to believe that the body is the source of the information, but that is inaccurate. The body is a tool and the muscles are the vehicle. But to think that the body is the source of the information would be like saying that the telephone is the source of the communication, instead of the person doing the speaking. The telephone is just a tool.

It’s the same Truth-Testing. The body is simply a tool for Infinite Intelligence to communicate through, but the body itself doesn’t have the ability to tell you such things. Think of it like this. A corpse cannot give you any information about how to live your life. DNA will provide info related to the biological history, but a corpse cannot tell you anything about you right NOW, or how to best proceed with your future. Only Infinite Intelligence can do that. The body doesn’t have that ability and that’s why I do not call it muscle testing and call it Truth-Testing instead. You’ll understand more about why I use the term TRUTH as you read on.

Who is this FOR?


    • Are OPEN to positive possibilities, despite any skepticism
    • Are READY to know their OWN TRUTH
    • Have a WILLINGNESS to Change

Who is this NOT for?


      • Are CLOSED to possibilities
      • Are ATTACHED to their ideas leaving no room for their higher truth
      • Are UNWILLING to change, grow or see things differently

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