An Award Winning Book on How to Recognize, Trust, and Follow Inner Guidance with Absolute Certainty

Ever Need Answers to Important Questions? Inner Guidance is always answering your questions but it’s not always so easy to recognize in our hectic busy lives. For many years I wanted it to be loud and clear yet what I found is that inner guidance is like a whisper and is ever-so-subtle. With training, you can learn how to access your wisdom directly and understand the ways it communicates with you.

In Your Essential Whisper you will uncover the specific sensations that connect you to inner guidance and the distinct experiences that give rise to those sensations- the Six Distinct Experiences. Each of these six experiences have discernible sensations that can you feel in your body and deep within your being. This internal guidance is what we call your essential whisper.

Your Essential Whisper guides you to:

Attract and manifest your heartfelt desires easily by letting inner guidance do the work. (Chapter 13)
Discover your built-in spiritual life-print: your individualized way of being to become the master of your destiny. (Chapter 12)
Have your own conversation with God and know how God answers you. (Chapter 14)
Make decisions effortlessly using your navigational guidance system to help you know when to say “yes” and when to say “no”. (Chapter 11)
Unravel the beliefs that cause self-doubt. Recognize the exact thoughts and symptoms that cause you to second guess your inner wisdom and sabotage your efforts. (Chapter 15)
Includes a Step-by-Step 8-week Practice Guide!!

This is immensely important work for humanity, as we move beyond the old patterns of thought into a more heart-centered way of being. Highly recommended!

Scott Kiloby

I took this book with me on a plane late April. Today, it is next to my nightstand. I read a little from it everyday. The reason: because, I find the most peaceful feeling inside when I start turning the pages.


The book is awesome! And it came to me at the best time. I had just been advised to listen to myself and trust my intuition when I went to listen to La Rue speak about the topic. I know the universe was working to put the information in my path. I got the book from La Rue herself. Thank you so much for your kindness. I haven’t been able to put it down and I know I will read it several times until I internalize it.

Alina Lee

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