Work with LaRue

Sessions Just As Unique As YOU

Whether you’re want a Solution to a Problem, you’re ready to Unleash Your Intuition, or you’re longing to Live Your Purpose,

you’ll find that every session is customized specifically to YOU.

Human consciousness is as unique as fingerprints. With the use of my proprietary process, TEST & TAP®, each session is tailor made for you!


Fill your life with the magic of synchronicity, creative flow and accurate decisions. Intuition is a vital key to not only your purpose but to everyday living. Without it, you may never live your purpose or experience the fulfillment you desire.



Why does finding your Life Purpose seem like such a mystery? It's like putting puzzle pieces together but there's always that one missing piece. What if your approach has been completely backwards? What if there's a new and better way?


 Feel stuck or blocked? Don’t know what to do about it? There’s a proven and effective way to precisely pinpoint and eradicate blocks quickly. Ready for a solution? 



“I have such gratitude to you for so much. Your kindness, clarity and openness. Thank you for choosing this work. I think it is so valuable and the immediate results are just uncanny. I did a year of psychotherapy 5 years ago and came out feeling worse and I never had any healing. So thank you, thank you, thank you!!”

Avril M.

Sydney, Australia


“I just had to email you and let you know something wonderful. I woke up today EXCITED! Not for anything specific, just the thrill of what could happen today! I literally jumped out of bed!!For the last two years, I have had to lay in bed and meditate “I love myself” 100 times before I could find the energy to FORCE myself out of bed, for what felt like, no reason.

Also, I didn’t have ONE panic attack for my safety when I went to the gym alone this morning. I haven’t willing gone alone anywhere in 6+ years. It was disabling fear. But I didn’t even THINK one thought of panic because I was too busy being happy!”

Camille Saleeba

Austin, TX