Intuition Coaching 

Does everyone have intuition?

I’ve worked with thousands of people and I’ve yet to meet anyone without intuition. But it may need to be cultivated and harnessed. You can block it, ignore it or deny it, but you do indeed have intuition.

What Is Intuition?

Have you ever known something without knowing how you knew it? That is intuition. Intuition is an impulse of information originating from the source of All-That-Is. It can show up as a hunch or gut feeling, a visual impression, a subtle repeating thought, an inner knowing, and even an inner voice. It can also show up in other ways as well.

It’s your innate navigational system and is incredibly important to the success or failure of everything in your life.

Does Intuition Have A Purpose?

Indeed it does! Not only does it protect you from harm, its primary purpose is to enable the Higher Plan for your life to unfold so that you can fulfill your purpose!

Unrecognized or ignored intuition is like having the world’s most reliable navigation system in your vehicle that’s never use. And worse yet, it’s like having it beep to let you know that you’re off course and off purpose, but you keep ignoring it and continue going in the wrong direction.

Where Does Intuition Come From?

Quantum Physicist purport there’s a quantum sea of Infinite Intelligence constantly communicating with each of us.

Information that’s transmitted by Infinite Intelligence is first perceived by the unconscious mind. When tuned into and aware, we can consciously detect those messages through all of our senses including the 6th sense.

Everyone can learn to perceive and receive those messages. Why? Because to do so is your true nature.

True Story


Back in the early 80s, in the days before mobile phones, I was out with a group of friends one evening when Mark noticed Dorothy had disappeared. We looked everywhere for her but she was nowhere to be found. Mark worked with Dorothy, so when Dorothy didn’t show up for work the next morning, he promptly phoned her home. Some co-workers even drove over to her house to look for her. Dorothy was nowhere to be found. She had simply vanished.

At some point, Dorothy finally reappeared with a most remarkable story to tell. While we were all out on the dancefloor, Dorothy had an undeniable feeling of urgency come over her. She knew her husband James was in trouble and needed her desperately. The feeling was so undeniably strong there was not a second to spare to say goodbye. When she arrived home, she found him lying in a pool of blood and he was on deaths door.

Fortunately for James, because his dear wife Dorothy immediately acted on her strong intuitive promptings without question, she got to him in time to call for medical attention. By making every vital second count, his life was spared.

Many times over the years, I asked myself. . .

How did Dorothy know her husband was in trouble, even though he was miles away?

One day, I finally understood!


Regarding Decision-Making, Research Shows…

Even when people think they are making a conscious choice that over 90% of the time the Unconscious Mind makes it for them 6-7 seconds before they consciously know what they are going to choose!


Your behaviors and decisions are powerfully influenced by the unconscious mind, which is the subtotal of all past experiences and beliefs accumulated as a result of those experiences, whether they be helpful or impeding.

The Conscious Mind consists of what you are aware of, which is only a tiny fraction of what’s stored in the unconscious mind. This is where intuition comes in and why it is so very important. Intuition knows what the brain cannot know. It supersedes all accumulated data stored in the unconscious mind and informs you of what is needed right now!

The Benefits of Intuition are Endless!

With heightened Intuition, you just might you find yourself feeling a lot more joy, not to mention a sense of deep inner assurance that can only come from your soul.

People are often pleasantly surprised to find success accelerating rapidly in areas of their lives or their work that was once troubled.

Many have reported manifesting their hearts’ desires at record speed once they knew which steps to take, and which ones to avoid.

"Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary."

Steve Jobs

“Since I’ve been doing these sessions with you, I’m in touch with my intuition so much more. I just KNOW what to do in the moment. I’m more present now than I was before. I feel so much freedom because of and since our session.”

Rebecca Suzanne Scott

Is Intuition Coaching right for you?

There is only one way to find out.

Many people have unconscious data running interference with their Inner Guidance. 

LaRue can quickly pinpoint blocks & blind spots with precision, saving your from weeks or months of needless stress and confusion.

What might take years on your own can be done in just a few sessions with LaRue, and sometimes just one session.

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