Test & Tap™ Training

Want to know how to SHIFT QUICKLY?

Imagine having the tools to shift a problem that has kept you stuck for days, weeks, months (or even years) in just a matter of minutes!

Close your eyes and sense what it would feel like to be able to collapse the gap from your undesired experience to the one you prefer in a matter of seconds to minutes.

Whether you want inner peace, the ability to change your unconscious limiting beliefs about your ability to manifest true love, a new job, or something else, you could be just a few skills away.

Test & Tap™ is a Revolutionary Transformational Tool that combines two proven technologies into one powerful system for rapid and sustainable change.

What A Seasoned Psychologist Had to Say about Test &Tap™!

Sharon L., Ph.D

“I came all the way to Dallas, TX from CA to prove that Test & Tap™ was poppy-cock. I have to say that I’m amazed at what this technique can pinpoint. It tells you what’s really going on in the subconscious mind, rather than what you “think” is going on. After all, why fix the garbage disposal when it’s actually the dishwasher that’s leaking? TEST & TAP™ tells you what the deeper issue really is. I’ve spent 30 years working on the issue [addressed in the T&T™ Workshop] and I am so pleased with what I was able to transform.”

(As told by Sharon, a practicing Ph.D in Marriage & Family Counseling and Addiction Specialist, at the end of a TEST & TAP™ workshop)

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