Truth Testing

Did you know?


  • 4,000 times per hour
  • 97,000 times in one day
  • 35,000,000 times every, single year?

Yes, you read that correctly!>


That’s right. Not once!

What is this unfathomable intelligence that can jump-start your heartbeat inside your mother’s womb and keep it ticking, without any effort on your part, until the day you pass on?

This intelligence (called different names by different people such as: God, Higher Self, the Universe, Divine Light, Universal Intelligence, the Quantum Field and many more) is so powerful that it makes your heart beat 35 MILLION TIMES every single year. And not only yours, but over 7 Billion other’s at the very same time.


What If. . .

You have direct access to infnite intelligence?

What If. . .

Infnite intelligence is always attempting to communicate with you directly?

And, What If. . .

In receiving that communication you can make important,Regret-Free Decisions?


There is a way and I’ve been doing it for myself and my clients for nearly 30 years. I consider it a privilege to be able to communicate with Infinite Intelligence and for it to communicate directly back to me. I’ve had surprising successes and have avoided some serious catastrophes in my life because of it. It has resolved problems that my unconscious mind was creating that I had no conscious awareness of, and would not have had conscious awareness of, until after it had already manifested.

Imagine knowing which airline flight to purchase, which seat to choose and what dates to fly for the best price, safety and ease of travel. This is how I always fly. Also imagine knowing what fruits or vegetables to purchase at the grocery store for optimal health, or how to get to the root cause of an issue or problem in a matter of minutes and then knowing how to resolve it.

You Too Have The Ability To Access Infinite Intelligence.
You Only Need to Learn HOW, if you Don’t Already Know!

The ability to access Infinite Intelligence is a technology that I call Truth-Testing. Truth-Testing can be learned by almost anyone as long as it is used with integrity.

Integrity, in this context, means someone who would use this information for the betterment of his or her own life and humankind.

You may have heard of or experienced this technology before. It’s mostly commonly known as Muscle-Testing, or Applied Kinesiology, but I call it Truth-Testing.

How does Truth-Testing work?

Truth-Testing works on the fact that, as you’ll discover if you do the exercise, truth makes the body (muscles) strong. And un-truth or a false statement makes the body weak.

The following truth-test example requires two people. One is the testor and the other is the testee. The testee holds their dominate arm straight out from the body parallel with the floor and resists as the testor applies a light downward pressure to the arm.

The testee will hold out his/her arm and resist the testor’s pressure while they state their own name. “My name is ____.” Because the statement is true, the arm being tested will hold strong. It’s not necessary to put undue pressure on the arm, or hang on it. Just apply light and increasing pressure to see that their arm is indeed resisting the pressure being applied.

Now they will be tested with a false statement. The testee will hold out their arm and say earnestly, “My name is Peter Rabbit” while resisting the testor’s pressure. The testor should apply the pressure immediately after the statement has been made. Unless the testee’s name really is Peter Rabbit, his/her arm will sink like a rock and will not be able to hold strong because the statement is false. It’s really quite disconcerting how no amount of resistance can keep the arm up while testing against a false statement.

When your conscious mind has a belief (such as, I am loveable) that is in conflict with a formerly learned “truth” (I’m unlovable) stored in the subconscious mind, the conflict expresses itself as a weakening of the arm muscle.

You may be amazed to discover that there is an unseen, inexplicable force co-piloting your life, as did Bruce Lipton.

I just described how two people can do Truth-Testing but in my free audio training “Get Answers to Almost Anything”, you can learn to truth-test yourself by yourself.

Why call it Truth-Testing?

Long ago, when I first learned this mind-boggling technology (literally, the conscious mind cannot comprehend this), it occurred to me that calling it Muscle-Testing gives a false impression for my purposes and my uses. It can cause people to believe that the body is the source of the information, but that is inaccurate. The body is a tool and the muscles are the vehicle. But to think that the body is the source of the information would be like saying that the telephone is the source of the communication, instead of the person doing the speaking. The telephone is just a tool.

It’s the same Truth-Testing. The body is simply a tool for Infinite Intelligence to communicate through, but the body itself doesn’t have the ability to tell you such things. Think of it like this. A corpse cannot give you any information about how to live your life. DNA will provide info related to the biological history, but a corpse cannot tell you anything about you right NOW, or how to best proceed with your future. Only Infinite Intelligence can do that. The body doesn’t have that ability and that’s why I do not call it muscle testing and call it Truth-Testing instead. You’ll understand more about why I use the term TRUTH as you read on.

Who is this FOR?


    • Are OPEN to positive possibilities, despite any skepticism
    • Are READY to know their OWN TRUTH
    • Have a WILLINGNESS to Change

Who is this NOT for?


      • Are CLOSED to possibilities
      • Are ATTACHED to their ideas leaving no room for their higher truth
      • Are UNWILLING to change, grow or see things differently

To see where it all began…

Where it All Began…

The roots of muscle testing goes back to the sixties when a wise man named Dr. George Goodheart, DC found that the body could be used as a communication device.

By testing a group of muscles while introducing sugar to the body, Dr. Goodheart found that the tester muscle would either remain strong or would weaken when a small amount of pressure was applied to the muscle being tested, wither it be a arm, leg, etc. He called this technique Applied Kinesiology, which later became known as Muscle Testing and which I now call Truth-Testing.

Through Muscle Testing he found that the body can tell you which foods or substances are healthy, and which ones are harmful. Harmful stimuli will create stress, causing the body to weaken, while healthy foods will make the body strong.

In the 1970’s, Applied Kinesiology had further research in the scientific community by Dr. John Diamond, MD. He validated the claims that the tester muscles would weaken in the presence of artificial sweetener, and would test strong when replaced with natural sweeteners. Dr. Diamond’s theory also showed that the body would test strong when the subject would think positive thoughts, feel positive emotions, or make positive statements. Research also showed that negative thoughts, emotions, or statements would cause the subject to weaken. This new research became known as Behavioral Kinesiology.

Research continued even into the 1990’s when Dr. David Hawkins and Noble Prize winner Linus Pauling, PH.D. researched, discovered and documented that theories, persons, and even works of art/science could be validated as to its truth and accuracy.

In 1997, I (LaRue Eppler) birthed a unique technique that utilizes Muscle-Testing concepts in a new and innovative way, which I now call Truth-Testing. Using my signature technique, I am able to access Infinite Intelligence directly to immediately, accurately and precisely pinpoint what’s really going on in a person’s unconscious mind. Infinite Intelligence will tell you what you really need to know to unplug from limitations and plug into positive possibilities. It provides specific and sometimes surprising feedback that the conscious mind can never know. Infinite Intelligence KNOWS while the conscious mind can only GUESS.

The results of Truth-Testing are immediate, consistent, reliable, and sustainable.

Truth-Testing provided me with an astonishing and life changing awareness when I first experienced it in the late 80’s. I attended a meeting, and upon arrival, was given a questionnaire with ten true-false questions. I answered the questions as honestly as I could. The hostess told me they were going to use Muscle-Testing (Truth-Testing) to ask my subconscious mind the answers to those same questions. Later that evening, Muscle-Testing confirmed that I had answered nine out of ten questions wrong!

For the first time, I finally understood why I had repeatedly sabotaged myself through the years:
my conscious mind and my subconscious mind had two opposing agendas!

At long last I had found a way to align what I consciously thought with what I unconsciously believed. When those two powers are aligned, miracles happen!

Using an iceberg as a metaphor, think of your conscious thoughts as the part of the iceberg you can see and your unconscious thoughts as what’s hidden beneath the surface.

I would later realize that I had a “hotline to the Divine” and that Infinite Intelligence would willingly communicate to me directly through the use of Truth-Testing and the signature diagnostic system that I had developed. It gently cuts through programming that has become unconscious and speaks directly to the conscious mind without interference from the unconscious mind.

Eventually dozens of clients asked me to teach them my process. Due to an already full schedule and other priorities, I declined and referred them to my original teachers instead. Several people came back from the 30-day training and said, “LaRue, what we were taught is not what you do. We want to be trained by you.”

I was perplexed! After all, I had directed them to my teachers. So, I began to ask questions, and in doing so, I discovered that my work had morphed into something unique little by little over the years without me having realized it.

Unsure of where to begin teaching them, one lady suggested “Why don’t you see clients during the day and write what you did at night?” I implemented that approach and 30 days later I had written a 300-page training manual; hence the birth of what would later be called the Truth-Testing Method, or Truth-Testing for short.

Bottom line is this:

    • Applied Kinesiology is used to detect issues within the body.
    • Behavioral Kinesiology addresses behavior concerns.
    • The Truth-Testing Method helps you evolve into your greatest potential by helping you access & elicit feedback from Infinite Intelligence.
    • Truth-Testing is not just a diagnostic tool for determining what is wrong, but instead is a reliable way to determine what’s true for you, regardless of others’ opinions, the existing social norms or even peer pressure.


What is the Truth-Testing Method?

Truth-Testing is a scientific technology that enables you to locate and overcome unconscious programming (limiting beliefs, etc.) that keep you from moving forward in life. It combines elements of energy psychology, alternative healing, body polarity work, neuroscience, and years of original research and hands on experience. Once unconscious limitations have been located and transformed on any given issue, you are left with the potent power you were born with to make deliberate and conscious choices. You may find yourself no longer living the life you were handed, but choosing to create a life of your own design.

It is a most advanced method for making the unknown known and revealing your innate wisdom to realize your highest goals, dreams, and ambitions.

What is the bigger purpose for the Truth-Testing Method?
The mission of the Truth-Testing Method is to aid individuals to become self-referred, living from their own innate, inner authority verses outer authority (which is how most of us were conditioned from childhood onward). Once emotional and mental clutter is cleared you are then able to clearly perceive the messages coming from your ‘inner knowing’ (or, your soul).
How does Truth-Testing work?

It is a unique method of obtaining biofeedback, without instruments, from your subconscious. It is also known as Applied Kinesiology, or Muscle Testing. Truth-Testing is a slightly different method from the common types of muscle testing which causes the a client’s body to tire from the resistance. We have found that the lighter the Facilitator’s touch the more accurate the information is when received from your body. Strong resistance causes the body to go into fight or flight mode and can create inaccuracy in the test.

For phone sessions, LaRue Eppler (as the Truth-Testing Facilitator) will obtain information from your Intuitive Wisdom by proxy through intention and permission. The work is always done between the Intuitive Wisdom of the client and the Intuitive Wisdom of the Facilitator.

Why use Truth-Testing?

Stored within our body at the subconscious level, is every thought, feeling and memory we’ve ever had. All of this information is layered into the cells of our body. Our beliefs, memories, and experiences make up the neurology we call upon to act and react in our daily lives. This is called cellular memory. This information is not readily accessible on a conscious level. We may find ourselves repeating behaviors and not understanding why our lives don’t seem to change or progress.

Truth-Testing allows us to tap directly into this subconscious gold mine of information. Modern psychology uses a variety of methods to determine what is happening beneath a person’s conscious level of awareness. These methods include dream analysis, Gestalt, hypnosis, word associations, written tests, etc. Truth-Testing is quick and a highly reliable means of getting information, which provides clear-cut answers that are not prone to guesswork or interpretation. Many times, in modern clinical psychology, the practitioner, clinician or doctor will use their conscious mind to discern the “facts” of the matter and decide what theory and methodology to use to treat you. With Truth-Testing, your innate truth determines what’s so.

How can Truth-Testing possibly work?
We don’t yet know all the mechanisms involved. But, we do know our clients never cease to be amazed at their results and the accuracy of this process. What it comes down to is this: you just have to experience it in action for yourself.
How does Truth-Testing work by phone?
Quantum Physics has proven that we are connected at the quantum level. Through intention, LaRue Eppler accesses the database of the client’s Soul. Once accessed, then she uses her own body to elicit information through Truth-Testing. Long distance sessions have been performed regularly with amazing accuracy and success since 1997. Again, you just have to experience it.
What kind of person does the Truth-Testing Method sessions?
The Truth-Testing Method is for anyone who is ready for change and ready for truth. Whether it’s in your personal life, professional life, at the physical or spiritual level, Truth-Testing is an approach to issue resolution that allows movement in your life to create a sense of over all well-being. Once you remove blocks in your life that have kept you from actualizing the full realization of your potential, you will be more comfortable with who you are and create direction and purpose in your life, while feeling greater aliveness and balance in all areas of life
When is the best time to start my sessions?
When are you ready for your situation to change? If you are ready now, now is the time.

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