At age 18 Scott Harrison left home for a world of excitement. He started off in a band but soon discovered he could get paid to drink alcohol for free. The job? Nightclub promoter in NYC. Alcohol companies paid him thousands per month just to have his picture made with their label in his hand.

He made big money, traveled in private jets and dated dream girls. His girlfriend was plastered across billboards. He was livi’n the life, as they say. You’ve gotta hear his story! He went from spiritual and emotional bankruptcy to helping millions, (yes Millions) of people!

One New Years Eve, Scott and his wealthy party friends flew out of the country for a glamorous New Years celebration in Uruguay. They rented a mansion complete with cooks, waiters & magnums of Champaign.

One day on that trip he couldn’t help but notice how desperately empty he felt, despite having everything a human could want. He felt horrible about the kind of life he was living. He asked himself what impact his life was making on others. The answer? He realized that the legacy he was leaving was. . . getting-people-drunk. That was the sobering realization (pardon the pun) which put him on a completely different path.

I heard him speak to almost 1,000 people a couple of weeks ago here in Dallas, TX. I couldn’t hold back the tears, and neither could even the most stoic men and women in the audience. There was hardly a dry eye in the place when Scott walked off stage.

Do you sometimes feel as though something’s missing or that you have more to give, yet something is holding you back? Watch Scott’s captivating story. WARNING: (Tissues needed around minute 14:00).


Scott found his purpose. He changes the lives of millions of people everyday.

Please make time for this story! You’ll feel super rich and blessed beyond words! No matter how good or bad your life is, this story will put your life in a new perspective, for the better!

For over 10 years (a decade ago) I used to spend over $5 a day on a Starbucks Latte. In one week alone, the money I spent for coffee could have provided 1 person with clean, healthy drinking water for an entire year.

You may even want to support his cause, Charity Water, if you don’t already. 100% of the donations bring fresh water to people in under-developed countries.

But no matter what cause you love and support, you know that your life is richer as a result of giving.


Keep giving in your own special way- be it a listening ear, making chicken soup for a sick friend, or giving money to a worthy cause.

Give! Love!! Make a difference!!


Tell me why. What impact did Scott’s story have on you?

Please post below. I can hardly wait to hear from you!

Scott Harrison is the founder and CEO of “Charity Water”, an organization that donates 100% of the proceeds directly to the cause- to create water wells to bring water to people in developing nations. He has corporations fund the administrative costs of the foundation so that all donations go directly to the cause. Impressive, eh?

Did you know that over 663 Million people in the world (twice the population of the USA) are without clean drinking water? And, without clean water, people are susceptible to a much higher mortality rate. Spread the word!