It’s downright risky to suggest that life is an experiment to someone- especially if they are going through a difficult time. I truly hope I’m not offending you.

What do you think about Mr. Emerson’s quote above?

When I first read it, honestly,… I felt a bit miffed! An experiment?!!

But after I seriously considered what Ralph Waldo Emerson might have meant by that quote, it started to grow on me.

Here’s what I came to. . .

The thought of approaching life as an experiment makes me feel like I don’t have to get-it-right or be perfect right out the gate. It helps me ease up on myself a bit and release the concern of getting-it-wrong or failing. 

But, more than that, it means I can try different things without any fear and have curiosity and excitement about how it might turn out.  And, like any good experimenter, I can change anything I did and do another experiment to see what happens next!

I recently met a man named Scott. He told the story of waking up one day to realize how absolutely miserable he was, despite all the glitz and glamour in his life.

He decided to do something about his misery.

I’m pretty sure that life, up until then, didn’t seem like an experiment to Scott. According to his story, it was pretty painful and empty, in spite of his wealth.

Come to think of it, he actually had to experiment with the WRONG path to find the RIGHT path – his soul’s path and his purpose.

For me, the trial and errors, success and failures have taught me so much and actually lead me to the purposeful life I’m living today.

Do you relate? I bet you do. You, too, have probably had your share of trial and error learning. Who doesn’t?

Scott created an amazing life for himself and millions of others.  I’ll be sharing Scott’s tear-jerking story with you here next week. So stay tuned!

What are your thoughts about Emerson’s quote?

I shared this INSIGHT with a friend before I posted it. After his enthusiastic response, I knew I had to share it.  What a great way approach the day if you ask yourself,  “What life experiment might I have today?”, he said.

What did this post do for you? Did you give you a new way of looking at life, or today?

Please tell me in the comments below.