How to Create Perfect Goals!

How to Create Perfect Goals!

Have you ever really, really wanted something that you never got?

Ever lost something you valued a lot?

Have you ever looked back at any of those disappointments and realized just how lucky you were that that thing did NOT work out?

I have! His name was Joel- a tall, handsome, blue-eyed doctor.

I was crazy in love with him, so I thought. We were both in our 20’s. The connection was so amazing that we just had to be soul mates, I told myself. But, it didn’t work out.

He lived in Ohio. Me in Oklahoma. He arranged a little weekend meet up in Little Rock, AK. I was so excited to see him! He picked me up at the airport and after a little sightseeing, we headed out to dinner at a beautiful little restaurant on the river. (He had made reservations!)

Romantic, right?

Are You Asking the Right Questions to Get What You Want?

Are You Asking the Right Questions to Get What You Want?

Ever noticed how busy the mind is?

Ever wish it would just shut up?

If yours is anything like mine it can sometimes be as busy as Grand Central Station in New York City.

One lazy afternoon, a decade or so ago, I laid down for a nap. Just as I was drifting off to sleep something happened that has stuck with me. It was very cool and fascinating at the same time. I didn’t try to make it happen. I hadn’t longed for it to happen. It just happened on it’s own accord.

In an instant myself and my mind were suddenly and mysteriously separated from each other. Instead of being the mind, as I normally was, I was an outsider watching the contents of my mind on a movie screen.

No big deal, right? That’s what meditation is supposed to achieve. It’s completely normal. But, something about this was different than what I had experienced during meditation before. I saw something fascinating.

Just what did I see?

What Just ONE PERSON Can Do!

What Just ONE PERSON Can Do!

At age 18 Scott Harrison left home for a world of excitement. He started off in a band but soon discovered he could get paid to drink alcohol for free. The job? Nightclub promoter in NYC. Alcohol companies paid him thousands per month just to have his picture made with their label in his hand.

He made big money, traveled in private jets and dated dream girls. His girlfriend was plastered across billboards. He was livi’n the life, as they say. You’ve gotta hear his story went from spiritual and emotional bankruptcy to helping millions, (yes Millions) of people! (Tissues needed at minute 14:00).