Perspectives. Choices. They affect us daily.

Sometimes our perspectives make us feel as though we are on top of the world and like nothing could get us down ever again. Other days? Well, we just can’t seem to get out of bed or do what’s before us.

Your perspective can show you useful past conditioning and help you make the empowering choices. At other times, your conditioned perspectives can be maladaptive and “appear” to take away any chance of choice. But, you can still make a choice.

“What’s this about, and can I get past my reaction?”, we ask ourselves!

Have you ever asked yourself this question?

I have. Many times. For myself, I’ve come to understand that life is about whatever I choose it to be about in any given moment.

Why? Because I get to decide and I assign the meaning to everything that happens.

And I’ve learned that we have a choice regarding our emotions, even during a medical emergency.

At just 13 years of age, I learned from my father that I had a choice in my response (as he had modeled for me). And we always do, even if we don’t think so due to past conditioning.

I grew up in the country where we were free to roam about. It was rare to ever see a police car out and about where I grew up. My dad taught me to drive when I was just ten years old and it wasn’t long before I was running errands for him without anyone in the car but myself. (I felt so grown up!)

It’s a good thing I learned to drive early because, when I was around 13 my Dad had a horrific accident one Saturday afternoon, and since I was the only one at home, I had to drive him to the hospital some 20 miles away.

I was sewing when my Dad made his way into the house. I can still hear his footsteps on his way to the bathroom. I was really into my sewing and didn’t pay much attention to him, but after I heard water running for far too long, I finally went to see what was going on. The door was open so I peeked in to see dad standing at the sink trying to clean his wound. I started screaming. Dad had severed his thumb with a skill saw!

With a firm and authoritative voice, unlike my gentle dad, he said to me, “You must CALM DOWN and get ahold of yourself right now. I need you to drive me to the hospital.” I shifted instantly!

Dad had been a medic in World War II picking up wounded soldiers from the battle ground so, fortunately, he knew what to do to treat a profuse wound of his own. He had me tie a tourniquet on his arm before we left.

As we made our 30-minute drive to the nearest hospital, he held his hand above his head to minimize the bleeding. After a 5-hour surgery my dad’s thumb was reconnected to his hand, for which the entire family was forever grateful.

I learned as a young girl that STAYING CALM and CENTERED is the best way to handle medical emergencies.

I also learned three other powerful things that day:

  • I learned that CALM emotions were a CHOICE.
  • I learned that I had the ABILITY to CHOOSE my response.
  • And I learned what it FELT LIKE to remain CENTERED and PRESENT. (I liked that! It felt so much better than panic.)

Later on in life I learned that staying calm and centered is not just for life-threatening emergencies, but it’s a great way to live!

Although I suggest it’s a great way to live, the fact is that we all have conditioned responses to life experience. We either react immediately, or we’re able to take the time it takes to respond appropriately.

I realize that it may be more challenging for some to choose to remain calm or centered than it is for others, due to conditioning and many years of ingrained habitual responses.

So when an emotional wound gets triggered, you may spew words that you later regret. But fortunately, there are literally hundreds of healing modalities to help you heal those triggers so you can learn to choose a new way to respond, instead of automatically reacting. And then, over time, you can learn to recondition yourself to not get triggered, and then automatically respond in more adaptive ways.

If you need help healing those triggers, here are some of my favorite methodologies: Energy Tapping, NLP, The Sedona Method, Yoga, Avatar, The Demartini Method, The Healing Code, Emotion Code, BodyTalk and my own Evo-K Methodology.

Now it’s your turn to share. What have you learned about Choices and Perspectives? Or when was a time you were able to choose to perceive something in a way that empowered you, when it could have disempowered you? I’d love to hear from you! Please post your response below!